Spa treatments, instructions!

More than 500 000 people per year are a spa treatment. Adults, seniors or children, spa treatments are prescribed to all ages for their benefits on many diseases: ENT, respiratory, rheumatology... Through individualized support, thermal medicine is a soft response, alternative and complementary to drug treatments. For 18 days of treatment, patients are followed by a spa doctor, receiving them upon arrival to make a diagnosis and prescribe appropriate treatment for their problems. A check is made after 8 days to verify that the patient correctly supports the sometimes tiring care, then a final visit at the end of treatment to make an assessment.

The spa is also the opportunity for patients to relax, relax and attend additional workshops for spa treatments: gymnastics, aerobics, posturology, relaxation therapy, diet ... and so help them to tone up, to know their bodies eat better and live better simply.

Spa treatments

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