We recommend you avoid galleys shots !

Avoid waiting hours before putting my skis.

Our tip : it's simple, I buy my package online a little early or at the Tarascon tourist office and I leave my car at home (I co-car, I take the train or I use the shuttle).

Online sale of packages of Ax 3 Domaines

Avoid being in the galley with snowy road.

If I did not chains, I do not know them or I have cold feet and cold fingers.

Our Tip : I buy the chains before I left and I train to be the quiet at home. I plan front, gloves, warm shoes, because life in the mountains is sometimes a little rough.

Video for fitting snow chains

Avoid the crowds at the Bains Couloubret when the weather is not at the top

Our advice : I will go to the Baths on another time slot (I call them "peak" hours a counselor of the Tourist Office), I go to the Haute-Ariège media library, I borrow some books (tales ariégeois ...), magazines, CDs and DVDs, I join my apartment, I prepare a tea by eating the apple crisp ...
In short, I immerse myself in the local culture!

More information on the couloubret baths

Avoid being caught in a storm in the late afternoon while hiking

Our Tip : I am informed of the weather the day before my departure, I check my itinerary, I set the alarm earlier, I make it a sunrise in the mountains and I go for a nap !

Check the weather

Avoid the crowds arrived Saturday afternoon at the Tourist Office

Our tip: The Saturday after my arrival, I connect and seek my information on the tourist office website. I pass information to the point early in the week after the crowds of the weekend. The counselors have more time to help me, guide me and make my vacation. I feel pampered !!


Avoid traffic jams on the road of Pas de la Casa in Andorra

Our Tip: I leave early in the morning and I go in the early afternoon or after dinner in the evening. I go to Andorra La Vella, where I discovered the "wealth" of the principality.