The Tourist Office of Les Vallées d'Ax offers the possibility to users, through its Internet or other digital media site, to file a notice on the different equipment or activities in its territory.

This charter defines the rules which adopts the Tourist Office to monitor the comments posted by users and ensure compliance with current legislation regarding the abuse of freedom of expression.

Thus, the comments posted on the website of the Tourist Office are subject to moderation (before publication) by the Tourism office staff.

It is recalled that the authors opinions are responsible for comments they write; they are obliged to comply with legal and regulatory provisions in force, particularly those that repress the abuse of freedom of expression and ensure that capacity that their comments do not, including:

  • of about racist, xenophobic, anti-Semitic, homophobic, revisionist, pornographic, pedophile, child pornography ...
  • of offensive, defamatory, or infringing privacy, and more generally to personal rights of anyone
  • of about infringing human dignity
  • of statements inciting to violence, suicide, terrorism, use, manufacture, or distribution of illegal substances
  • of language inciting the commission of crimes or offenses, or who are advocating and particularly crimes against humanity
  • content violating the intellectual property rights of third parties (including articles, books) that do not have the necessary permissions of the authors and / or assigns

All comments do not comply with these provisions and with such content will be removed. It is also recalled to the user if his comment has illegal character, the data to identify or identify their computer may be communicated to the judicial authority, if it so requests, in accordance with Article 6-II of the law of 21 June 2004.

The Tourist Office also reserves the right to remove:

messages unrelated to the tourist object to which they are attached (off-topic)
About the aggressive, direct attacks and insults between users,
the personal attacks towards the Tourist Office or its members
openly advertising nature messages.
The reactions made entirely in capital letters (uppercase) or whose meaning is rendered uncertain by abbreviations or language errors (spelling, vocabulary, syntax) will not be considered.

In case the tourist office would remove a word or a brief stint in a comment, this modification will be apparent and will appear in square brackets ([...])

To ensure traceability of reviews, every author must be identified by their email address. This address will be checked especially when the deposited comment is likely to be challenged by the provider concerned.

The provider is automatically notified when a review is written on the card for. It has the ability to interact with the user who submits notice. The positive opinion are published without any particular period. Negative opinions (less than 3/5) are published within 3 days. During this period, the provider concerned can express their right of reply.

Given the life of an opinion and to encourage providers to register in the interactive process, the Tourist Office is given the opportunity to freely remove certain notices older than six months.